You Can Do These To Reduce Humidity At Home

When the rainy season draws near, you should prepare for it immediately so that your activities will not be disturbed. Starting from preparing a raincoat, a backup power source, to paying attention to the condition of the house so that it doesn’t leak or get flooded. Houses are usually humid too. This condition can cause mold to appear on the walls and roof. It can damage home furniture, and it can be bad for your health. Therefore, before the rainy season arrives, you might need to hire an air testing for mold in to inspect mold infestation and humidity levels in your house.

In order to prevent the bad effects of humidity in the house, you need to apply some ways to deal with a damp house, such as:

Installing some exhaust fans in the house is very useful for maintaining temperature, improving air quality, and it also improves ventilation systems in the house. Plus, the exhaust fan also functions to reduce humidity and unwanted odors. Even though the shape is almost the same as the fan, the exhaust fan works in a “suck” mode. When it’s activated, this device will attract smoke, odors, and water content in the air within the room, then pass them through the fan and go outside. The volume of dirty air in the room will decrease and at the same time, the clean air outside will enter the room. This process can occur because every time dirty air is sucked outside, the total air pressure in the room becomes smaller than the outside air. Furthermore, outdoor air will flow inward due to the principle of airflow, which is moving from high pressure to the low-pressure area. Another way to deal with a damp house can be done by using a dehumidifier to reduce the water content in the air. This device works with the HVAC system too.

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