Hotel and Attractions Information Posted to Our “Hotels and Other Amenities” Page

We’ve posted hotels and attractions for San Francisco, the East Bay and Vallejo. We will continue to add information as we get it. An important reminder: while we are “90% certain” that the Commissioning will be held on Saturday 11 October, during San Francisco’s Fleet Week, the Secretary of the Navy has not yet signed off on the date. We recommend that you not make a reservation unless your prospective hotel gives you assurance that you can back out, in the event SecNav changes the date.

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USS AMERICA Officially Turned Over to Navy

The photo below shows 900 USS AMERICA’s crewmembers – Marines and sailors – marching to the ship as the Navy officially takes possession of the ship from her builders in Pascagoula, Mississippi. Soon, the ship will transit to San Francisco for her Commissioning, planned for early October.USS AMERICA Turned Over to the Navy

USS AMERICA Turned Over to the Navy

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28 March 2014: Commissioning Location Confirmed; Advice for Crew Members’ Families Posted

The Commissioning Ceremony will be at Pier 30-32 in San Francisco. This Pier lies on the Embarcadero just south of the Oakland – San Francisco Bay Bridge, and is readily accessible just a short walk from the Embarcadero & Brannan Street light rail / bus stop.

While it is “90%” certain that the Ceremony will occur on Saturday 11 October (during San Francisco’s Fleet Week), we strongly advise that if you make hotel reservations now, you have an “escape clause” in the event that the Secretary of the Navy changes the date; we expect him to sign off on the date any day now!

We advise family members of the AMERICA’s crew to check with their sailors to obtain invitations to the Commissioning Ceremony through the ship’s own facilities. Generally, sailors should make inquiry via their own chain of command, starting with their leading petty officers or division officers.

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19 March 2014 – Hotels and Other Amenities Page Added to Website

We expect hotel accommodation to be at a premium around the time of the USS AMERICA Commissioning. So we’ve added a new page – Hotels and Other Amenities – to our website. We will put up a comprehensive list of hotels and other amenities on the new page as soon as we can get the information together. We will add updates as we get them. To be sure to get the latest information, please click on the “Get USS AMERICA News” button to the right of this post to sign up for email messages with our latest news!

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USS AMERICA in the News on KGO7 TV; Invitation Policy Refined

Commissioning AMERICA Committee Chair RADM Tom Brown III was interviewed by San Francisco’s KGO7 TV aboard USS Hornet on Monday 10 March. See the Ship Milestones Page to view the video and see the article.

We’ve refined our Invitations Policy to conform with security requirements.

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8 March 2014 – Dramatic Video of USS AMERICA Under Way for the First Time

Please look on the AMERICA Milestones page for a video from Ingalls Shipbuilding. It’s a thing of beauty!

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Invitations Procedure Clarification – 05 March 2014

As we’ve previously noted, attendance at the Commissioning ceremony for USS AMERICA (LHA 6) is by invitation only. Please send your invitation request to Captain Kris Carlock at If you’ve already done so, you do not need to re-request. Your official invitation will be sent out about two months before the Commissioning event, at which time you will be able to specify the number of tickets you will need. Admission tickets will be sent out about one month before the event. We may have to limit the number of tickets for each request, depending upon demand, and number of seats available.

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Commissioning AMERICA Committee Announces Invitation Policy

7 February 2014: The Commissioning AMERICA Committee announces its Commissioning Ceremony Invitation Procedure.

Attendance at the USS AMERICA Commissioning Ceremony, now slated to occur in late September /early October 2014, will be by invitation only. Please click on the “Commissioning Ceremony Attendance” button in the masthead above for pertinent information.

We hope you can join us for this glorious event!

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Here, you will find the latest news about USS AMERICA (LHA 6). Visit often, or better yet, click on the “Get USS AMERICA News” button to the right to receive email update notices.

1 February 2014: Due to scheduling changes, we now anticipate the ship’s commissioning in late September / early October this year.

21 January 2014: Invitations! We’ve received several inquiries about attendance at the Commissioning ceremony. We are formulating our Invitations Policy now. Please check our “Invitations” page from time to time to learn details on how to get your request added to our list.

22 November 2013: Video of USS AMERICA during her recent Builder’s Sea Trials. Elegant!

5 November 2013: Pre-Commissioning Unit (PCU) America (LHA 6) departs Ingalls Shipyard to begin Builder’s Sea Trials. During the trials, the ship’s main propulsion, communications, steering, navigational and radar systems will be tested for the first time at sea.

23 October 2013: We’ve added a “Support” page to our website. Now you can see the levels of support we encourage, and the recognition you’ll receive for generously giving to this great ship’s commissioning!

10 October 2013: USS AMERICA’s Captain, Bob Hall attended the Commissioning Committee’s first meeting by remote link today. Here’s his brief to the Committee, with lots of interesting information about the ship: Captain Hall’s Brief to the Commissioning Committee. Note the “Proud to be an American” banner at the end of the presentation. All Posts ©2013 Thomas L Snyder

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