The Commissioning Committee

Here’s the local San Francisco Commissioning Committee. Each member dedicates him / herself to making the Commissioning of USS AMERICA the best ever experienced.

Honorary Chairs

Honorable Dianne Feinstein, United States Senator
Honorable Bill Horn, Supervisor, County of San Diego
Honorable Ed Lee, Mayor, City and County of San Francisco
General Peter Pace, USMC (Ret), former Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff
Captain James A Lovell, USN (Ret), NASA Astronaut
Honorable George P Shultz, Former Secretary of State
Honorable William J Perry, Former Secretary of Defense

Committee Members

RADM Vince Anzilotti – Logistics/Security
LCDR Caleb Bauer – Ship Asst. Commissioning Coordinator                                                         Mr. Angus Blackwood – Sponsorship / Fundraising                                                                           CMCCM Julio Blea – Recreation / Hospitality                                                                          RADM Tom Brown – Committee Chair                                                                           CAPT Kris Carlock – Invitations                                                                                                                 LCDR Jon Cox – Ship Commissioning Coordinator                                                                           Mr. Tom Creedon – Social Events                                                                                                             Col Allan Cruz – USMC Liaison                                                                                                                 CAPT Stan Ellexson – Gifts                                                                                                                     Mr. Darrell Fike – President, Pacific Central Region Navy League of the United States     Mr. Mark Flegel –                                                                                                                                       RADM Russ Gorman – Emeritus                                                                                                         Mr. Don Hale – Gifts (lead)                                                                                                                 CAPT Robert Hall – Commanding Officer                                                                                         CAPT John Hassenplug – Treasurer, SF Commandery Naval Order of the United States CAPT Scott Huseby –                                                                                                                           CAPT Michele Lockwood – Treasurer                                                                       CAPT Sandy Lockwood – Logistics/Security (lead)                                                                       Mr. Lou Lozano – Recreation/Hospitality                                                                                         Ms. Renee Martin – Port of San Francisco                                                                                           CAPT Martin McNair – Commander, SF Commandery Naval Order of the United States Mr. Thomas Mistele – Development                                                                                             RADM Doug Moore – Deputy Chair                                                                               Mr. Michael Nerney – Port of San FranciscoM                                                                               Mr. Carl Nolte – Public Relations                                                                                                     LCDR Sam Peterson – Ship Commissioning Coordinator                                                           Ms. Sidonie Sansom – Port of San Francisco                                                                                     Mr. Bill Schmidt – Facebook                                                                                                               CAPT Al Serafini – Assistant Treasurer                                                                     CDR Bill Sharkey – Sponsorship/Fundraising                                                                               Mrs. Jeanne Sharkey – Sponsorship/Fundraising (lead)                                       CAPT Tom Snyder – Website                                                                                                             CAPT Paul Stanton – Northrop Grumman Corporation Commissioning Coordinator     Mr Gregory Vistica – Emeritus                                                                                                               Mr Joe Wolfcale – Public Relations

©2013 Thomas L Snyder

9 Responses to The Commissioning Committee

  1. I just read that the Commissioning Ceremony is closed. I was stationed on the U.S.S. Iwo Jima (LPH-2) with Comphibron-3 in 1969. I read several months ago about the U.S.S. America and would love to be a part of the ceremony. Since my duty in Viet Nam, I am currently a contract photographer. If any of the people invited can not make it.. Could I be on stand-by list. I am 69-years old and it would be a honor to be part of this history.

  2. Tom Federico says:

    I mailed a $250 contribution to the Committee for Commissioning on November 15, 2013 with a letter saying that I would like to bring my 2 grandsons to the Commissioning. Other than a thank you letter from Tom Brown, dated January 24, 2014, I have not heard anything else from you. Will I receive 3 tickets plus the 2 ball caps and coins shortly?

    • I’ve received notes from people indicating that they’ve received their invitations, so they are in the mail (I haven’t received mine, yet). Details on the other items will come later. Patience, please: it looks like the Committee and Navy authorities will be processing close to 10,000 requests in all.

      • Mr Roger Jeong says:

        I received my invitation on the 2nd of Sep. 2014. When you get yours you need to rsvp
        immediately (even though the invitation says you have 10 days). According to the material sent, they will start sending tickets out on Sep. 10th.

      • Thomas Federico says:

        I sent an email requesting 3 tickets last Friday, Aug. 12th. Thank you for getting back to me. Tom

  3. Theodore James Dazis says:

    I served from Dec 1956 to Dec 1962 as a radioman on destroyers and Guam. My grandson carries on the Navy tradition going on his tenth year serving now on board the USS America. I could not be more proud of him and his accomplishments.

  4. Sean Nugent says:

    I have not served in any armed forces branches, however I live in San Francisco and would be honored to attend the commissioning ceremony if there are spots available. After looking through the website I was unable to find information on tickets or how to register. Is the ceremony now closed? Where would a member of the public look to try and find tickets to the ceremony?

  5. Miles Montgomery says:

    Received all invitations today. Thank you very much!

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