During A Pandemic, The Creative Industry Should Do A Restart

The Covid-19 pandemic poses such great challenges for several creative industries in various countries. Moreover, some creative sub-sectors such as events, films, music festivals, exhibitions, culinary and so on require crowds and the movement of many people. In the early days of the emergence of this pandemic, all business actors were confused and seemed to have lost their grip. How not? Some of these creative industries require crowds and the movement of many people who are ridiculed during the development of the new type of coronavirus that causes Covid-19. Underestimating seo experts for creatives as a tool to reach consumers, for example.

However, at this time, business actors are being tested for their resilience, whether they can survive, develop, or even die.

Heavy Challenge
Like a computer, if you use it too much and too long it will cause it to hank. At that time, we often look for the restart button to start over from scratch. This is what I hope can become our shared spirit, restart, the mindset that we must instill.

Although the current pandemic has become a formidable challenge, business actors in the creative industry must be able to change their mindset and point of view that the pandemic has made them aware that something is wrong with the business model that has been running so far.

With the pandemic, we are aware that business is limitless. As with Ideafest, which for nine years was carried out offline or only focused on big cities, during this pandemic, when everything goes digital, everything becomes limitless, creative young people from small cities can get the same access. with those in the big city of light.

The Covid-19 pandemic has succeeded in transforming every line of life very quickly. Business actors are also forced to go digital so that the business they run can survive and thrive.

The hope is that the big theme of this restart will allow us all to rethink the way of thinking, how to do business, and how to live life, replacing the old format to be changed with a new mindset.