Ship Milestones

Here are the milestones in the pre-commissioning life of USS AMERICA.

14 March 2014: Commissioning Committee Chair, RADM Tom Brown III, tells the AMERICA story in this 10 March interview with KGO7 TV in San Francisco. (There’s a short advertisement at the beginning of the video clip).

8 March 2014: Here is Ingalls Shipbuilding’s video of USS AMERICA’s first time under way under her own power, first posted on 13 November 2013. Dramatic!

9 November 2013: USS AMERICA Successfully Completes Builder Sea Trials. Main Propulsion, Navigation, Steering and Radar Systems tested for the first time at sea. (Video, posted on USS AMERICA official Facebook page, 11/12/13)

5 November 2013: USS AMERICA Departs Ingalls Shipyard to begin Builder’s Sea Trials.

20 October 2012: USS AMERICA Christened (Video)

4 June 2012: USS AMERICA Launched (Video)

17 July 2009: USS AMERICA LHA 6 Keel Authentication CeremonyUSS AMERICA KEEL Laid

27 June 2008: Navy Names New Amphibious Assault Ship – USS AMERICA

©2013 Thomas L Snyder

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