Hawaii The Place You Want To Go To Get Wonderful Vacation

The Big Island of Hawaii, the island that gives its name to the entire 2,500 mile long Hawaiian archipelago, is where Mother Nature did her best. In short, it’s spectacular. Hawaii vacation homes on the Big Island put you right in the middle of the action: fiery volcanoes and glittering waterfalls, black lava deserts and snow-capped mountain peaks, rainforests and alpine meadows, a glacial lake and miles of golden beaches, black and even green sand. The Big Island has an incomparable variety of terrain and climate. It takes you from a snowy winter to a hot summer, through spring or autumn. The island looks like the inside of a barbecue pit on one side and like a lush jungle on the other. Big Island is the largest island in the Hawaiian chain. (4,038 square miles about the size of Connecticut), the youngest (800,000 years old), and the least populated (at 30 people per square mile).

It has the highest peaks in the Pacific, the most volcanoes of any island, and the newest land on earth.Five volcanoes, one of which is still erupting, have created this continental island that is getting bigger every day. In its heart lies the snow-covered Mauna Kea, the highest seamount in the world (measured from the sea floor) with its own glacial lake. Mauna Kea’s closest neighbor is Mauna Loa (or “Long Mountain”), creator of the sixth part of the island; It is the largest volcano on earth, rising 30,000 feet above the sea floor (of course, you can only see 13,796 feet above sea level). Kilauea eruptions make the Big Island bigger every day and if you are lucky you can hold out just a few feet away and see it do its job. Wrapped in tradition and wrapped in the pristine mists of creation, the Big Island exudes what the Hawaiians call mana, a sense of spirituality still visible in the acres of petroglyphs.

Etched into the black lava, the numerous heiau (temples), the grave caves scattered on the cliffs, the holy shrines on land and in the sea and even the sound that the wind makes when it blows through the barren washing fields. Your entry point into a fabulous world of wonder. If you like water sports, the Big Island is paradise. The two high volcanoes ensure that the water on the leeward side is calm 350 days a year. Caves, cliffs and tunnels attract an impressive variety of colorful marine life.The island’s west coast is one of the world’s top sport fishing destinations and its miles of remote coastline are a kayaker’s dream with caves, secluded bays and crescent-shaped beaches only accessible by sea if you have any interest on this island you can visit http://soulsoundhawaii.com/.

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