Benefits of Massage

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Here’s a little picture of the benefits of massage for the body:

– Dissolve fat: Pressing and stomping sorting movements such as squeezing/kneading, tapping, punching can help dissolve the fat-causing burning of the body.

– Increase the reflection on the digestion: Ordering the stomach with certain movements will further stimulate the movement of reflection (Peristaltic), thus will further facilitate the digestive system.

– Improve the function of muscle tissue: Increased circulation of blood circulation can increase nutrients into the muscle tissue so that the elasticity and elasticity will be more enduring.

– Increased circulation: Increased circulation of blood caused by sequential motion will also increase the nutrients that can provide food to the bone cells. Thus increasing the growth of joint motion.

– Improve the function of neural networks: Vibration and friction movements can stimulate nerve function throughout the body.

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