The USS AMERICA (LHA 6) Commissioning Committee welcomes you! We are honored that the US Navy chose San Francisco to welcome the fourth ship bearing our nation’s name into the fleet.

Captain Bob Hall, the ship’s Commanding Officer, describes her thus:

USS AMERICA (LHA 6) will be the fourth U. S. Navy vessel named after our country and will showcase the strength, resolve and commitment of a great nation. She is characterized as an aviation-centric amphibious assault ship designed to operate the U. S. Marine Corps next generation of aircraft, the MV-22 Osprey and F-35B Joint Strike Fighter and to support the Marines across the full spectrum of military operations.  AMERICA’S motto:  “Bello Vel Pace Paratus”, translates to “Prepared in War or Peace”, representing the capability of this awesome warship to strike mightily in wartime, be a deterrent in peacetime, and to lead humanitarian and disaster response efforts in times of need.  AMERICA will be a flagship for 21st century operations.

We will work hard to assure that this great new ship receives the Commissioning event she deserves, but we will need the help of many, many patriotic Americans! Soon we will show you how you can contribute treasure and talent to this effort.

So visit this site often to stay up to date. Better yet, sign up to receive notices of news by clicking the “Get USS AMERICA News!” button to your right. Thanks!

©2013 Thomas L Snyder

87 Responses to Welcome!

  1. Mike Aquino says:

    I served aboard USS America CV 66.and would be honored to attend her commissioning ! Pls notify me of events

  2. CWO4(Comm) John Hau, USNR(Ret) says:

    L06/HA DE H45
    UNCLAS //N02015//

  3. Ken Griffin says:

    So will USS Amercia commision next Sept as reported in Navy Times? If so how can get ticket to attend the cermoney? I attended in past the commissioning for USS TEXAS USS TRUXTAN USS INDPENDENCE & USS Fort Worth.

  4. ken griffin says:

    So how can get ticket to commissioning cermoney in SF next Sept ?

  5. Tom Snyder says:

    Mr Griffin, stand by; we’re formulating our reply. — the webmaster

  6. Daniel A. Caruso says:

    I also would like to know when and where exactly this is going to take place. My father served on the shakedown and maiden cruise of USS America CV/CVA 66. I would like to get him tickets and access to this event also. Thanks

  7. Cornel L. Choskey says:

    My wife and I would very much like to attend the commisioning ceremony.
    How would we go about getting tickets?
    Also, my wife is disabled, would there be a wheelchair section?.
    Thank you very much

  8. Greetings,
    USS AMERICA (CVA 66) was my first duty station. ADM Thomas B. Hayward (then CAPT) was our skipper. I still keep in touch with ADM Hayward, who resides in the Seattle area. I’m assuming that your committee is aware of this and will be inviting him to be a special guess during the commissioning.
    As chairman of the USS DETROIT (LCS 7) BLUE & GOLD COMMITTEE, I would also be interested in receiving an invitation to the commissioning ceremony.

  9. A Schwend says:

    my daughter is going to be on this ship and I am so proud of her ….. cannot wait for the ceremony

  10. Frank Hetzler says:

    When are we going to know the actual date (in Sept)? I want to make my attendance plans as soon as possible. Thank You.

    • At this point, the ships’s schedule is somewhat fluid: as AMERICA goes through her acceptance trials, items may come up that need to be addressed before she is ready to be accepted into the fleet. One such issue has resulted in the Tentative Commissioning date to be pushed back to “late September / early October”. While we do not expect additional delays, “flexibility” must be our byword.

  11. Debbie says:

    My Son will also be on this ship.

  12. David and Glenda says:

    Our son will be on this ship and we would love to attend the commissioning ceremony!!

  13. Liz K says:

    My husband will be joining the USS America crew in May. We have cousins in San Francisco; will they be able to volunteer to help at the commissioning ceremony?

  14. Donna Frick says:

    My son will be on this ship also. He is very honored to be a part of this crew of this amazing new ship.

  15. Walt Waite says:

    The members of the USS AMERICA Carrier Veterans Association couldn’t be more proud. We attended the keel authentication ceremony and christening in Pascagoula, MS. and can’t wait to attend the commissioning. We are honored to be part of the effort to bring LHA-6 to life and are responsible for her being names AMERICA.
    Walt Waite
    Vice President
    Carrier Veterans Association

  16. GM3 Anders says:

    I am currently assigned to this command. They have not put word out on this “invitation only” subject. How can I get my wife, aunt and uncle on the list?

    • GM3, our understanding is that the ship’s crew and immediate family will automatically receive invitations for the Commissioning ceremony. Please check with your chain of command on this, and also how you aunt and uncle should be handled.

      • Rhonda says:


      • Rhonda, It’s great that your son will have the honor to serve in the ship named for our nation! The Commissioning Ceremony will be at Pier 30-32, on San Francisco’s Embarcadero. You can check the “Attending the Ceremony” page of the website for a map of the area. We encourage the use of public transport, and, fortunately, the Embarcadero & Brannon St muni rail / bus stop is virtually across the street from the pier.

  17. My daughter will be on this ship!

  18. thomas f mcmahon DDS says:

    I also was aboard CVA-66 with Adm.Hayward,as well as Adm.Turner and Rumble.Very proud of our ships name and wish her new namesake God Speed.She has a fine tradition of excellence to pursue.Thomas F.McMahon DDS

    • Walt Waite says:

      Thomas, I was aboard AMERICA 67-68 in 2nd div. Had a tooth pulled by Cdr. McKean. He had the tooth out before I knew what had happened. Happy to meet you.
      Walt Waite
      Carrier Veterans Association

  19. Greer Rossen says:

    My daughter is on this ship. So proud of her and the fact she is on the America. She is beaming with pride about this ship. :-)

  20. lipan1943 says:

    Eloy Ashton Heras DSC USN RET USS America CVA 66 1966-68.

  21. LCDR C J Weber USN (Ret) says:

    I served in CVA-66 in 1967-69 as a GMT3. A charter, lifetime member of the USS America Carrier Veterans Assoc. I’ll be out West in Sep-Oct ’14 and hope to be there for the commissioning.

    • Richie Confort says:

      Good to hear this. If you have a name tag maybe we’ll bump into you & shake hands. My wife & I are scheduling on attending as well. Richie Confort, AM-2, V-6 Div., Plank-owner CVA-66, 1964-67, also life time charter member CVA-66 Assn. – Ret. Det. NYPD. See you there or at Fisherman’s Wharf

      • Chuck Weber says:

        Okay shipmate, good deal. I just hope that I can get one of those invitations to attend.

      • Walt Waite says:

        Looking forward to meeting you all in San Francisco.
        Walt Waite

  22. Rob Lane says:

    Not only did LHA-6 come from my old home town, my Father helped build the Newest USS America as he did for my Previous Ship LHA-1 USS TARAWA , I want to plan on attending the Commissioning , so plz send info about attending thank you for your time.

    • Thanks for your comment. Unfortunately, the Commissioning is booked solid, and the Navy has closed the Invitations system.
      Please see our “Support USS AMERICA’s Commissioning” page for another way to participate.

  23. Kathryn says:

    I was wondering if there is any mail allowed to be sent to the sailors while at sea? If so, where can I receive more information? Thanks in advance!

    • I’m not sure that the ship will receive mail when she’s actually at sea; but she will be making several port calls en route to San Francisco, and mail presumably will be delivered then. The mailing address for crewmembers can be found on the ship’s website, here. Look for the “PCU AMERICA” little gray box near the bottom of the page.

  24. Kenny Koger says:

    I am proud to say that my daughter is on this ship. She dreamed of being a foreign exchange student but that didn’t work out. I am excited that she is getting this opportunity to server our country and see other parts of the world.

    • Richie Confort says:

      She’ll love it. I was a punk, wise guy kid going no-where in 1963 from New York City. Assigned to CVA-66 USS America as a “Plank-Owner (Original Crew Member). Went around the world, places I’ll never be at again. Came out of there Mister Responsibility. One of the best things I ever did in my life. Tell her to get a good camera, she’ll savor the memories. I did.

      • Kenny Koger says:

        Thanks, your comment makes me feel a little more at ease. I know she has is ready with her camera.

  25. Cheryl Miller says:

    My wonderful neice Blair Gallagher Brewer is on this ship I couldn’t be prouder of her

  26. Elsie M. Dean says:

    So proud that my nephew will be part of the crew right out of OCS! Can’t wait for Fleet Week and the opportunity to board her…..

  27. Kayla Coker says:

    Do we have an idea of what the dress code will be like at the commissioning? My husband is currently on the ship. 😊

    • Dress code for civilian and military guests will be specified in the invitation / tickets materials. Ship’s Company will be well informed on the uniform of the day. We will post dress code information on the website when that information becomes known to us.

  28. Steve Dolgin says:

    Looking forward to attending. I had the pleasure to be aboard USS Essex with a group a Naval Sea Cadets for Seattle’s Fleet Week! I have been very impressed working with the sailors and Marines aboard. Their morale is high and proud to be serving. Look forward to meeting the outstanding crew members of USS America as well! I am proud to be affiliated with our great Navy through the Navy League, Naval Sea Cadets and Naval Order. Thank you all for you service and looking forward to seeing you in October!

  29. Terri Moore says:

    My son will be on the ship and I am ecstatic about going. This will be my first time attending a commencement for this type of event. I will also get to see him haven’t seen him since Christmas. I love you Jonathan Moss.

  30. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Burrell says:

    Bob and Charlene Burrell are the proud Grandparents of a Sailor aboard the U.S.S. America. We wish there was a way to communicate with him to tell him how proud we are of him. We are keeping him and all of our men and women in uniform in our prayers.

    • You can send mail to your sailor using the ship’s address. This can be found on this website, and also on the ship’s official USN website.

  31. Eloy Ashton Heras says:

    I am a life member of the USS America CVA 66- Please send us an invitation for this event in San Francisco. Eloy A. Heras CPO RET. Amarillo,Texas. 806-373-2909 -Heraseloy@GMAIL.COM.

  32. Hello. Although I am not a service member, I was wondering if there are any USS America Challenge Coins available? If so, can I purchase one? Thank you for your assistance. Jeff McMeekin

    • I believe that coins and other gedunk will be available for purchase at the Pier on Commissioning day. I’m going to try and get a purchase link on the website, too. Stan by for news!

  33. Jo A Lawrence says:

    I have yet to recieve my tickets, etc. Will they arrive soon? Need to make plans for out of town guest. Thanks

    • Navy authorities indicate that the invitations will go out within the next couple of weeks. If thing go according to usual plan there will be a tickets request form in your invitation packet. You should promptly fill this out and return it. Navy planners will then match seats available with ticket requests and endeavor to prefect an equitable distribution of available tickets.

  34. LCDR CJ Weber USN Ret. says:

    For those concerned about the invitations, I received mine in the mail today (Sep 2) and I was near the end of the line in submitting for one. I was able to RSVP and order tickets by email and received an immediate reply indicating the tickets would be mailed out on September 10th. Pretty smooth operation.

  35. Stephen Fitzsimmons says:

    As a plank owner of the USS America CVA-66 I will be honored to attended the commission of the new USS America LHA 6 in October. Stephen J Fitzsimmons BM3

  36. theillien says:

    I took part in the USS America CV-66 decommissioning. How do I get an invite to this commissioning?

    • The invitation / ticketing system was closed by navy authorities in July. Those who submitted their invitation requests prior to that closure are receiving their invitation packages by mail every day now.

  37. I am proud to say that my granddaughter is on this ship. She dreamed of following her grandfather was in the navey. I am excited that she is getting this opportunity to server our country and see other parts of the world.

  38. Elsie Dean says:

    We receuved our invitation and have responded to the ticket requests. Just wondering what the ticket holders are entitled to?

  39. penny says:

    my son is on this ship! so excited to see him in October!~ Fair sailing to all navy crew and marines!

  40. Robert Jirka (AK2) S-6 Div says:

    I am a Plank Owner on the USS America CVA-66 (H561) also am a. member of the Carriers Veterans Association and have just received my invitation and emailed my request for tickets to this great event. I am hoping to meet a current Ship’s Company Aviation Storekeeper.

  41. cocacolabottleman says:

    I made a donation earlier this year and have verified that my name is on the invitation list, but have not received my ticket packet yet. How long should I wait for it to arrive? Don’t want to miss out on attending, plane tickets bought and hotel reservation made,
    Thank you

  42. Jo A Lawrence says:

    Got my tickets, etc., am looking forward to attending Commissioning events. I assume cameras will be allowed. Go Navy!

    • We’ve seen no prohibition of cameras, so bring yours! (We’ll update here on the website if that changes.) Just expect any camera bag, purse, etc that you carry to be inspected. While there will be many magnetometers at the entrance to Piers 30-32, remember that the screeners will be processing as many as 10,000 people.The moral: get to the venue no later than around 9 am, and expect to be in a queue for awhile (think airport security)!

  43. Leslie says:

    Where can I get information about the surrounding area to assure I book my hotel near by?

  44. Thomas F McMahon DDS says:

    Found this yesterday and thought it would make good reading for those attending the Commissioning. Our Navy lost a man with a passion and this is a very good article. http://www.washingtonpost.com/local/on-anniversary-of-navy-yard-shooting-loss-of-expert-shipbuilder-still-echoes-at-sea/2014/09/15/4fd16f94-2958-11e4-86ca-6f03cbd15c1a_story.html

    • Yes. This Washington Post piece is about Michael Arnold, the man behind the design of USS AMERICA, who was slain in the Washington Navy Yard shootings last year. It’s a wonderful tribute to the man, for whom a dedicatory plaque is mounted in the ship’s main hanger bay.

  45. Richard K. Lee says:

    Looking forward to being there for the commissioning and seeing our son Kenneth proudly standing tall next to his crewmen on that historical day.

  46. Sunshine says:

    I have a son on this ship as well. That I love. I’m so proud of all our Sailors.

  47. M 'Maz' Mazumdar says:

    How can I upload pix of LHA-6 arriving SFO this morning? Could the webmaster or Tom Snyder email me?

    • I’m pretty sure there will be photos and even videos of the ship’s arrival on her official webpage and Facebook page. We will load them to our as soon as they are available, and I will send out a notice to that effect.

  48. Ken says:

    May I ask how much will be the ticket cost to visit the ship at weekend 10/11/14?

    • Free tours of the ship are being offered on Wednesday the 8th and Thursday the 9th, and Sunday the 12th and Monday the 13th. See the tour schedule at the bottom of our Commissioning Ceremony Information page.

      If you have tickets to attend the commissioning ceremony on Saturday, you will be able to tour the ship after the ceremony.

      • Ken says:

        May I ask where or how I get the ticket on Wednesday Thursday or Sunday or is free for the public visit?

      • Ken says:

        I got my answer for your frist reply , sorry I didn’t read th all

  49. david parker says:

    Congratulations Mr Hall, Billerica Memorial class of 78.You have a favorable resume in the local paper.While I hardly remember high school, I am pleased to read of your success since, and of your new command. Fair winds and following seas. Best wishes in your new command. Dave Parker

  50. I’m sorry to report that the tickets invitation system was closed by the Navy several weeks ago.

    The Committee itself will sponsor two receptions. Invitations to one of these my be obtained by donating a substantial gift of money for the benefit of the ship and ship’s company. See the “Support” page.

  51. Elsie Dean says:

    How can I find out if our names have been included on the invitation list for the Commissioning. My nephew, assigned to the USS America, was asked to provide names/addresses of his guests attending the commissioning. Is that info required of those on the invitation list? If so, will the invitations be mailed to the guests prior to their arrival for the ceremony?

  52. Our Navy sources indicate that invitations will be going out within the next two or three weeks. Your nephew should be able to confirm if his guests’ names are on the list through his chain of command.

  53. theillien says:

    I took part in the USS America decommissioning as part of her final crew. How do I get an invitation to this commissioning?

  54. The invitations system was closed by Navy authorities in July when it was apparent that demand would quickly outstrip our supply of around 8000 seats. You can still get an invitation to commission-associated events that are sponsored by the Committee by donating to support the ship and her crew. Look at the “Support” page on the website for details.

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